30 December 2007

Week 27 Headed to Camp Victory, Iraq

I depart for Iraq via Kuwait this week. With only 90 days until I turn my report, I'll renew my part-time efforts and post progress almost daily. Even though I will not have worked on this grant as expected, I will continue to deepen my knowledge of X3D for usage with North American Public Sector clients open to 3D graphics for their web presence.

I have come across two X3D browsers for mobile devices. One from Italian company that emerged out of the Udine and one from a German company, BitManagement.

I've been learning Enterprise Architect slower than I planned but I've have more time to draft all 10 or so application UML/SysML diagrams in Jan 08.

As I talk to individuals about the concept of human, nature, manufactured goods and services rendered for all three, I get positive responses for the ideas. I haven't had any luck with cold emails to researchers about their thoughts on the topic. I should expect a low reply/response rate so I will turn to the Web3D consortium member priviledges I have to solicit feedback on my work.

08 December 2007

Week 25 and 26

The last two weeks were filled with activities other than building SysML models.