26 December 2011

LG-HU-FR-0001.001 Draft

The natural person's Lifegraph shall be initialized with the genotype and phenotype. The genotype and phenotype file formats shall be IAW TBD.

23 December 2011


A requirement a day, right! Ok, here I go. First, let me explain the naming convention for the system requirements and use cases.

LG stands for LifeGraph
TG stands for TimeGraph
EG stands for EventGraph
SG stands for SceneGraph

HU stands for Human
MA stands for Manufactured
NA stands for Nature

UC stands for Use Case
BR stands for Business Requirement
AR stands for Architecture Requirement
RR stands for pRocess Requirement
FR stands for Functional Requirement
QR stands for Quality Requirement
PR stands for Performance Requirement
CR stands for Constraint Requirement

#### for 0..9 up to 9,999 requirements per unique combination of indices
### for 0..9 for up to 999 subordinate requirements to each 4-digit requirement

Please submit a comment when you read any requirement that does not have any of the following characteristics:

unitary (cohesive)
non-conjugated (atomic)