14 September 2007

Week 14 - Planning for Success

I've been consumed with my writing my paper and presentation for the 58th International Astronautical Congress in Hyderabad, India next week. The paper is about an Architecture for Earth Outer Space Traffic Management and Control. X3D will be a key technology in the development of space traffic management & control workstations for the web-based emulator and simulator systems proposed in the paper.

I'll visit CSC India in Hyderabad (i.e., Covansys) if all goes well coordinating with Ganesh. Hopefully, they will be open to discussing how 3D graphics might affect their lines of business.

I've started to block out weekly grant activities for the next six months leading to a demonstration of X3D nodes in the current X3D browsers and an estimated 100-page final report (screen shots being the cause of the bulk) with SysML diagrams for an embedded system that uses the X3D format alluded to in the proposal. These features are thought to be scalable to enterprises infostructures small and large but my research will explore how scalable they really are while focusing on the X3D standard and its evolution for enterprise applications.

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