20 January 2008

Week 30 International Zone and X3D Strategy

I'm in the IZ of Iraq now and my routine has formed. A couple things about my grant report writing progress. It's going slower than expected but I'm still confident I'll have a decent product by 31 Mar 08.

The key to making my idea a reality is choosing to architect a database system to handle the random influx of X3D files from an individual's service provider and manufacturer as he/she acquires services and goods. While I am coming across 3D applications that may or may not be using X3D for the presentation layer but are using large knowledgebases like in IBM's recent 3D medical application for doctors, no one has initiated the standardization of goods and services' digital representation into X3D. Doing so will stimulate B2B and B2C markets for powerful database applications that use artifical intelligence and extensible user input controllers to spatially browse, search and reconfigure X3D worlds that are life logs for perusing and planning events. The convergence of X3D Earth, MedX3D with vanilla X3D has yet to emerge but is needed to get at creating an application that manages the equivalent diversity of human life in the modern world of land & water rights/usage, other real property rights/ownership/usage and medical/fitness treatment/coaching. All three of these categories circumscribes an individuals' basis of wealth, income, and expenses, which are so easily to loss track of if one is not disciplined to use a system of bookkeeping and accounting that adapts with oness lifestyle. The same can be said for small to large enterprises.

It will be interesting to hear the reactions to these concepts when I introduce them to the Iraqis while I improve business and stability operations with five other project managers over 30 industrial revitalization candidates throughgout this country.

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