28 September 2008

10 Weeks to LEF Grant Brief - What to expect

I have 45 minutes to shed light on X3D's utility in the evolution of Enterprise Applications for my CSC family. Where do I start and what is my message? What do I exclude and what do I include? X3D is a large specification and like any programming language it takes hundreds of hours to master its usage and application for custom solutions to unique problems or creative ideas. My LEF Grant application enumerates my deliverables so I really don't have a lot to decide. I just have to decide how to present my findings and works in progress so my audience understands my thought process and the technology limitations to enable the Life Graph concept in software, hardware and netware. The resulting questions in the last 15 minutes of an hour long Webcast will be the test of how well I piqued the interest of enteprise architects to examine the X3D standards as a Web 2.0 technology enabler for corporate and government enterprises, while my presentation uses the citizen as an enterprise to understand Extensible 3D standards.

An excerpt from my LEF Grant Proposal APPROACH Section follows.

My approach to carry out this grant is to study the X3D language to architect a software application that will satisfy the requirements for enterprise resource and its asset management needs and wants not met in textual and 2D graphical applications. I will define requirements and use cases based on corporate and professional decisions made and planned. I will then architect a system of networks, computers, and applications flowing X3D content and identify the software technologies (e.g., security and artificial intelligence) required to automate the exchange of X3D content with the goal to provide B2B cooperation for consumer convenience is the goal.

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