25 August 2009

The convergence - Triple Threat or Perfect Storm?

The Virtual Worlds Research Consortium has expressed interest in the LifeGraph concept in the last month. I wrote to the president of the Texas-based organization asking for connections after reading about their upcoming issue that features standards for 3D graphics over the WWW. Their interest will be clearer after we talk Mon, 31 Aug 09. Meanwhile, I have a new assignment (client) that is very Web 2.0 centric and will be for the next decade as far as I can tell. My intent is to engender a genuine X3D interest as I exceed their expectations managing IT projects for enterprise solutions.

I have not made progress documenting LifeGraph Solutions with Enterprise Architect v7.5. I think the creation of what a LifeGraph software is should be illustrated in UML and verbosely annotated since I'm not likely to prototype it in a programming or scripting language anytime soon. Beside the obvious UML diagramming of an architecture in progress, the business plan for LifeGraph Solutions has grown to little more than a cover page preceding a table of contents. Watching the iPhone developer videos on the Apple website is motivating. I see medical applications for patients and providers that are LifeGraph like and that is great. My email to William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI; Karen Trudel and CAPT Mary Forbes, USPHS asking for any baseline health, wellness, and/or medical information creation, derivation, and aggregation for the statistically average male and female who live to 100 years of age will probably go unanswered like most of my inquiries to officials. But I have to ask considering they are Senior Advisor National Health Infrastructure (NHII), Informatics Program Manager, and Federal Health Architecture Program Manager, HHS.

I attended the 2009 SIGGRAPH in New Orleans for a couple of days. My work schedule and budget could not support being there the entire week. The Web3D Consortium members in attendance were a great bunch to hang out with and talk business.

I have yet to cross paths with someone who has native XML database management system experience on mobile devices, X3D browser implementation skills and the abilities to integrate ontological models into XML schemas. The search for those few goes on and my passion to assemble a team or company that is willing to pursue the same possibilities with LifeGraphs as the nexus between Governments, Corporations and Citizens continues.

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ctrain said...

I have been directed to your blog a few times since I started crawling the internet for X3D related information using Google Alerts for the past two or three years. I am also interested in creating solutions with X3D, but I'm still working on a masters in mathematics. I wouldn't mind keeping a connection with you for possible future work together. Right now I am playing around with MySQL and PHP to keep notes in a database for a huge list of books that will take me a lifetime to read. I've learned VRML better than X3D, and it is a slow process for me while in school. I've only read a little bit about XML, but it's not that hard.