10 August 2010

Unsatisfactory Blue Dart

I worried my Blue Dart was too "out there" for Joint Strategic Leadership when it took more than a day to get a response. Here's what my instructor had to say about it.

William, Unfortunately, your Blue Dart on "Lifegraphs" has been graded unsatisfactory. I read it through twice and couldn't make heads or tails of it. I had never even heard of this topic until your Blue Dart. I took it to our IT folks and this was unfamiliar to them too. Keep in mind that Gen Lorenz wanted Blue Darts that could possibly be published in your hometown newspaper. Keep your audience in mind. Don't pick a subject that is so esoteric that people are unfamiliar with it. You write well. If you pick a topic that is more understandable, you should be able to sail right through this. Best of luck.

I will write my next Blue Dart this week on a strategy for cross domain solutions to help win the GWOT.

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