28 November 2011

11 months later

Well, I seem to be cruising along instead of cutting my teeth on the hard stuff that will make a difference sooner than later when it comes to LifeGraphs. My day job has exposed me to the world of Health IT from a process improvement perspective. I'm excited about the opportunity but usually get disappointed at the dearth of information from the client. Nonetheless, these engagements gets me access to practioners who I would never get to chat about Lifegraphs.

I still believe there is a Blue Ocean for designing a Lifegraph that takes a century to make your own and master your self awareness. Selling that in a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl and every other World Sporting Event will take some serious thought. I mean how do you create a commerical to appeal to everyone in vivo to 115 yo and recently postmortem?

I drew the following to illustrate the sections of the LifeGraph and to discuss how the Health IT solutions on the market today haven't had or just don't address health planning (not insurance plans!) like estate or wealth planning. I think that is a big gap to be filled if I can create the image of planning health is cool and worth the effort while not coming off as an elitist or someone who thinks they will be an Olympian or World-class athlete.

I am editing the IEEE Virtual Components Standard.

I am drawing UML diagrams for the Strategy Markup Language committee.

I am going to write a LifeGraph requirement a day no matter what!

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