24 December 2012

1,000 unpublished requirements later...

Exactly what I thought 11 months ago when I believed I would exercise the discipline necessary to moderate my everyday health-related experiences worthy of being Human Health Graph requirements. I did not write down 1,000 HHG requirements during the past 11 months but I did think of a few hundred I wish blogged. Not too long ago, I did upgrade to SparxSystems Enterprise Architect 9 (EA v10 was released this week) and develop 15 HHG Use Cases. Most of the year I've been hunting for catalogs, registries, lists, databases, and tables of biometric quadruples--biostructure-biosignal-biosensor-biostatistic. I've had no luck finding them thus far. I've haphazardly asked officials in government healthcare, CXOs in healthcare IT, university professors and germane technologists I have access to in my job. It's sad and funny at the same time how the human as a self-contained package of life is measured and observed throughout its life into postmortem for the purposes of scientific inquiry and commercial endeavor yet all those who take away measurements and observables do not have a platform to integrate those collections so they can be anthropometrically rendered in real-time (or not), possibly via an anthropomorphic display.

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