09 August 2007

Week 9 - SIGGRAPH 2007 Day 4

I started today’s events by discussing my grant idea with a few exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall. I was looking for technologies that scanned human body exteriors optically and found a couple. One cornerstone of my application deals with capturing the medical models and data about oneself from service (i.e., health care) providers. A person should be able to request or automatically receive electronically all images (from any equipment or device types) and physiological measurements taken for medical and mental health, nutrition and fitness for their intrinsic value of self-awareness. The X3D Medical working group is addressing this but I will examine the X3D specification recommendations from the Medical WG for its adequacy to support an application that will playback the changes in a person’s body and mind from their medical history. One instance of this could be a time lapsed animation of exterior images taken and using interpolation to stitch them together where data is missing. I think health and fitness professionals should use these measurements to improve their service delivery.
I attended the Web3D Tech Talk, where I had a chance to talk with Octaga’s CTO, John Arthur, about specific interests I had with their tool. I explained the CSC lines of business and what opportunities might exist between us, understanding he is here to assess such things.
My attendance at the Collada Tool chain allowed me to see the Agency 9’s MadLix product, which is the closest to my grant idea. I got to speak to the CEO of this nine person Swedish Company and will have follow up discussions via email.
I sat in on one presentation of the Interaction Tomorrow half-day course in the afternoon. I saw a technology involving a pen device that used infrared imaging of high-density dots printed on wall-size sheets of paper for 3D applications like SolidWorks.
The OpenGL 3 Birds Of a Feather was all about the differences and improvements of OpenGL 3 over Open GL 2. OpenGL 3 hasn’t been released but it will be this year. I realize that implementations of the X3D specification are usually with Open GL. So it was purposeful to listen to the influence of graphics hardware advancement on the design decisions involving this widely used language.
There was a reception at the Embarcadero Marina from 8 – 10pm. I mingled with Web3D consortium members and ate way too much BBQ.

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