05 August 2007

Week 8 - SIGGRAPH 2007 Day 0

I arrived in San Diego safely by noon. I checked the Web3D members' calendar and found out there are a number of Web3D/X3D working group meetings I can attend. The first one was the Networking WG and they met today at the Westin hotel in the lobby from 2 - 5pm. Don Brutzman, PhD (Naval Postgraduate School), Chris Thorne (PhD student, West Australia), Richard Puk, PhD (Intelligrahics Inc.), and Mitch (3Donline.com) showed up to discuss the software development by Media Machines et al regarding how to route events between virtual worlds such at X3D browser can shared one virtual world across the internet by any number of users wanting to navigate that world. Don talked about network time protocol as a possible solution to synchronization. The issue of discovery (i.e., peer-to-peer networking with apriori knowledge of peers seeking a world to explore or star (central server) spoke topology to notify viewers of worlds available) between the world to explore and explorers seeking worlds was discussed. I brought up subjects concerning my grant work and the guys shared there thoughts. I did hear the CAD Distillation format working group remains dormant but it will be coming to life later this year. The millions if not billions of dollars worth in intellectual property in CAD formats are initial conditions for my Use Cases in my grant. Tomorrow, I will attend the 0830 - 1215 Course 7 Introduction to SIGGRAPH and Computer Graphics. From 1 - 6 pm I will pop in and out of Emerging Technologies if I don't like Course 10: An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL programming started at 1:45 and ending at 5:30pm.

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