24 July 2007

Week 7 - Requirements & Modeling

I'm in the seventh week of the grant (Fri, 08 Jun 07) period and probably have spent 3 of 450 hours estimated to complete the work I have in mind. I surfed the Qwaq website and found it fascinating. Qwaq Forums is a product that its developers are hoping to have created uncontested marketspace for online collaboration tools, making WebEx, Gotomeeting and others irrelevant.

It's my goal to make MS Money and Quicken irrelevant (in the personal finance software marketplace but others in the business finance marketplace) with a product that integrates CAD data, 3D graphics, virtual reality, and search on mobile to desktop platforms, initially. The key features are the convergence and connection of effortlessly imported virtual objects and their methods for users/owners to see, query, etc. from their mobile or desktop computers to make better decisions (usually additional purchases) by knowing all that have, what they need to get rid of or how they will accomodate what they are about to acquire online or in the store.

I'm still working through Skillport courses on UML on my own time and trying to find a company license of Artisan software with the SysML add-on to capture the requirements I'm generating in a word document.

I plan to talk to Dr. Don Brutzman (Naval Post Graduate School), Alan Hudson (Yumetech), Leonard Daly (Daly Realism), et al in the X3D community and the Web3D consortium while attending SIGGRAPH2007. I'll make an attempt to visit local Washington DC ACM SIGGRAPHH chapter members for hints on how to get the most out of SIGGRAPH too.

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