04 July 2007

iKnow (nHand) X3D Use Cases

The effort to take inventory of my home was the impetus for this project. My goal is simple. Create a labor easy way to consolidate, manipulate, investigate, and delete everything that I own and experience in virtual reality. Why? Because I want my VR on or accessible via a portable computing device to support decision making in realtime. Moreover, I want to be able to share my VR with trusted agents, merchants, etc. at various levels of detail anywhere and anytime I have my portable computer or access to the internet where I can host my VR just like this blog.

Exactly how many items and how much of life's experiences do I want to consolidate in my VR? What value does such consolidation have as a function of time, effort and content? Is there an uncontested market for providing quantified patterns of behavior and belongings to someone via a handheld device or other computing machinery? From a business perspective how many assets and liabilities from the transactions its agents perform have value being in its VR vice in electronic databases that feed charts and graphs? I will attempt to answer these questions in part and whole through use cases which correlate the features of X3D, scripting languages, complied languages, and other technologies with requirements for a VR system.

For the sake of brevity and market identity, I'll refer to this VR system as iKnow or nHand. The software and hardware names come from my idea that users of such a system are people who find themselves away from there belongings but in the marketplace replying to urgent or important questions with "I'm not sure if I have...", I don't know what...", I can't remember what's..." and "I wish I brought...so I could...". The end user, once equipped, will be able to say, iKnow... and it's right here, nHand!

I can't forget the use cases for anthropomorphic modeling, rendering and data convergence of human body measurements for (mental) health care, nutrition and wellness. This vein of investigation will be shallow and narrow compared to the manufactured goods but not overlooked, for its appeal to businesses in health care and the consumer market could be the greatest because of human egoism. The need for frequent and precise measurements of the human body and mind to create the highest resolution replay of their condition means more sales of equipment with X3D capabilities in the home and the office of health care and other service providers.

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