09 July 2007


The Association of Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Graphics 2007 (5-9 August 2007) will be a tremendous opportunity to learn and network with the who's who in computer graphics, storage, display technologies etc. I will prepare to make the most out of SIGGRAPH2007 by compling a list of questions for exhibtors and authors. The conference program is 31 pages. There are 191 exhibitors and I haven't summed the number of presenters in the preliminary program. There is an education track at SIGGRAPH2007 so I will carefully pick which classes I will attend because the paper sessions go in parallel and there are must see/hear presentations too.

Besides thoroughly reading the X3D specification, amendment and revision before participating in SIGGRAPH2007, I have started a listing of generic enterprise application features and functions unique to X3D and possible with ECMAScript and JAVA. I've started to reread X3D for Web Authors but this time I'm working through the examples on the book's web site. By writing nodes and attributes by hand along with changing the values in the examples, I retain the syntax longer and feel more comfortable with the work X3D authoring tools do for me. Mediamachines', Flux Studio is one such X3D content development environment that I use and beta test.

Closer to home, I have started that home inventory listing mentioned in the grant proposal. The goal is to use the my economic activity and artifacts from it as the test data for investigating X3D's potential for the consumer market. This means completing my home inventory including the home itself. And attempting 100% contact with all manufactureres and service providers I have done business with using a letter sent by email asking about and suggesting the value to X3D add-ons to their goods and services. Integrating the payment card industry in the letter will be necessary to explain how they might increase revenue and profit by investing in X3D models of their goods and services. My initial guess of the volume of correspondence I'll send out (and forget about because reponses are not in the critical path of completing this grant work) will be 500! It should be interesting to read any resplies.

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