10 November 2007

Week 22 Focusing on the Big Picture

So how do understand the big picture of X3D enabled enterprise management software versus personal management software? For the personal viewpoint, you step back and realize there is your body, your manufactured goods, your natural resources and the services for your body, manufactured goods, natural resources and services too. The enterprise viewpoint contains only three building blocks by tradition--land, labor and capital, which are natural resources, human resources, materiel resources and financial resources. In both instances, the transactions between the individual or enteprise and the sellers of goods and services are distributed in space and time. The big picture then is consolidating the distributed for each individual and enterprise who wants the ultimate obeservation to orient their abilities, decide on what to do next and then act on that decision. These steps are taken from John Boyd's OODA loop development and applified to developing a software-intensive system to capture and communicate the chaos of business and life's value-driven behavior.

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