10 November 2007

Week 22 Using the tool

I purchased Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Professional and the SysML profile for the diagramming I'm ready to start very soon. I'm finishing up the last three UML course on Skillport before studying for the OMG UML certification exams. The UML self-paced learning is on my time. I've charged 65 hours to date for this grant so I have about 350 hours to execute and most of them will be perform in a FULL TIME status during December and February.

One SIGGRAPH2007 contact recently forwarded me an email about a website for the National Digital Medical Archive, https://www.myndma.com/myndma/home/InitHome.do, which is a germane business to the development of nHand software. The first thing you notice is that its national scope, which doesn't necessarily serve the global citizen who gets health care outside the US, nonetheless, the business executives and lawyers who created a strategy to work the privacy issues of medical informaiton exchange between health institutions are to be sought after for a short conversation. I haven't thoroughly reviewed all their web pages but I don't think these guys are like the photographers at the entrance of a rollercoster ride who take your picture hoping you will buy it as you walk by the large color prints while exiting the ride area. I mean, it's not like they are entering aggrements with owners of medical imaging equipment to let them store all medical images for them (i.e., outsourcing the on-line and archival data) so patients can just get access to it later amongst other uses. They do not reveal how they make money, although there is an unaswered question to this effect on one of their blogs. What I don't know are the technical standards (i.e., X3D, MedX3D or DICOM compliant) that might be the enabler to this versus a recent piece of legislation or policy change in several states.

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