15 March 2008

Week 38 - transitioning from interest to investment

I never got an answer or contact from the DHHS CTO on the medical question I asked. My company's CMO did get three replies back to the same question and all three were vague--not much storage will be required for non-imaging data over a century. A doctor who attend a conference a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas did ask a pointed question of a speaker who present a health informatics brief and this guy answered without hestitation--~1 GB for non-imaging data. But he gave no range for imaging data over the same period for any type of patient.

After a recent conversation with my Grant Directorl, I will be writing the X3D report for an audience that wants to know more about what the industry has done with the standard and were the investment is in various sectors. Along those lines, I will summarize the Web3D Consortium posture and plans. The future of X3D is driven by the members of the numerous working groups in the Web3D Consortium. I will report on the inter-working group exchange and how the groups help and hinder one another. The Consortium has workfing groups that focuses on Earth (X3D Earth), which is collaborating with the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity; a WG focusing on anthropomorphic modeling (H-Anim), which should work with the WG focusing on 3D imaging of the human body (MedX3D); a WG focusing on CAD Distillation, (CAD Distillation Format), which should not be call distillation because it implies a loss of information and that does not have to be the case when formatting a close data format into the X3D format. There are other WGs that you will be able to read about in the report.

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Damon said...

Looking forward to reading this report. What a great resource!