06 April 2008

Past Due...Pressing On

I didn't have a finished report as planned on the 31st of March 2008. I had 20 pages of notes mostly high level outline content and 50+ references I had read that included a few more than 15 conversations with notworthy individuals about the X3D graphics standards or the concept of nHand software. My work continues in the midst of lockdowns and wearing body armor to work every day in Baghdad, Iraq to manage projects that revitalize the economy of Iraq.

A few interesting events occurred in the last four weeks. Prof Brutzman (co-author of X3D for Web Authors) visited the National Security Space Office at my request to discuss X3D Graphics and what it can offer to the NSSO for architecture development of national space capabilities. I got a free white light 3D body scan in Reston, VA that was exported to VRML1.0. Don Brutzman was scanned to and we talked to the physician who hosted the Novaptus owned scanner about the X3D graphics standards. Dr. Aratow of the Web3D Consortium passed along a contact, Dr. Yasnoff, who he met at medical virtual reality conference in Las Vegas, NV. I made contact with Dr. Yasnoff and being busy with other work at NIIAdvsiors, he said he would get to my questions later. Lastly, I was offered to co-chair the Web3D Consortium CAD Working Group with Yumetech's president, Alan Hudson, who is the Web3D President too.


Michael Milutis said...

Bill, good luck with your grant work. The research you are doing is fascinating. I look forward to following your progress!

FGB said...

This seems useful.

While I don't know the storage format of the 3D body scans, I'll guess it is not standardized.

Applying standardized data formats in this area will likely yield typical benefits: open the development process, facilitate innovation, prevent vendor lock in, etc.

In the end both the customer and industry benefit.

Fred Burkley