31 May 2008

The ultimate trial case--my first born

Even though I have not finished my grant report (2 monthss over due now), I've just been blessed with the ultimate test subject for creating a life log of financially anchored transactions with artifacts of geometry that could be documented using X3D and managed in a virtual world/environment. As of 06 May 08, I am the father and a parent of a healthy baby boy.

For the health view I have fetal sonagrams in 2D and 3D that are date and time stamped. I have MPEG4 HD quality video and audio, and megapixel 24-bit color photos too of him. I inventoried his possessions, some 355 items (durable items only; diapers and such aren't counted even though we bought them) and dropped them into Home Inventory of Quicken for Mac for my wife to tag the 13 fields about each picture (a single-sided 2D view). He doesn't own any land yet and he doesn't have a financial account (i.e., 529) just yet either--next year for his first birthday he'll have a college fund established.

Anyway, the best I'm doing is collecting the manufacturers names and products we patronized to provide the lifestyle we choose for him.

One another note, I'm still waiting to start my duties as the Co-chair for the Web3D Consortium 3D CAD Working Group this summer. That should be an exciting time as the working group revitalizes itself with standard making activities.

I've been on the periphery of the recent flurry of activity in the H-Anim working group.

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