23 December 2008

11 Dec 2008 Webcast was a success

More than 50 CSC employees dialed in or logged in and listened to me for 45 minutes Thursday morning (EST) 11 Dec 2008 brief my investigation of X3D for Enterprise applications. I was in Baghdad, Iraq and most participants were from the USA. Only a few Europeans participated. I don' t know how many more CSCer's have downloaded my presentation from the Leading Edge Forum Library since the recorded event was uploaded on 12 Dec 08. I haven't received any inquiries to date:-( And I didn't steer my audience to this blog nor my portal center on the CSC portal.

I owe the LEF a technical report and that will take many more hours than the effort to pull together the brief. A lot of Enterprise Architect diagramming using the UML and SysML will fill that report. I plan to incorporate a LLC for developing Life Graph software solutions in late 2008. A software application named Debt Dog software will precede Life Graph software because the profits of it will fund the development of Life Graph. And the profits of Life Graph software are tagged to fund the development of my Web3D Laboratory for Space Traffic Management and Control research.

I shared my LEF brief with the CEO of a Singapore virtual world (mirror world) company and he wanted to know my Go-to-Market strategy for Life Graph software. I could not provide him with it because I didn't have it. After reading a few PPTs and PDFs about Go-to-market strategy, I can say I have it but haven't documented it. Basically, I will make inroads with the DC Mayor's Office, Prince George's County Executive, MD State Governor's Office and the White House on the government side, while doing the same with small, medium and large manufacturers, service providers and value-added resellers; and male and female groups that are non-working minors, working adults and non-working retirees/elderly people. The strategy is marketing to all three sides of the triangle in the cycle of life graphing (government, industry, citizenry).


Damon said...

Doh, mad I missed it. Will this talk be posted online?

ctrain said...

Yes, is it possible to read a transcript of your research? It sounds fascinating and I would be very interested, since I've been reading about virtual worlds and X3D as a hobby for about two years now. Please email me back!