16 February 2009

What's taking so long...

I've been home from Baghdad, Iraq for two months now. I haven't finished home inventory, my SysML diagrams are incomplete and I'm not clear what kind of business person or government official I should look to for help to take what appears to be a great idea of integration and invest resources into implementation. With so much "homework" to do and be available to my 9-mo old son and loving wife, it's going to be nothing less than challenging to expend the sweat labor into learning data and document-centric native XML database design, mobile edition APIs & OSes, ECMAScript, etc. to create that Blue Ocean I wrote about in my grant proposal.

I have a plan to incorporate LifeGraph Solutions LLC in the state of Maryland this month. I've been advised to do so and protect what little intellectual property I might be freely sharing with others while surveying the market. It only takes a couple hundred bucks to incorporate but the time to write the business plan and other legal documents takes more clock time than it does for me to earn that cash to file. Lucky for me, I managed three $150K 6-month Cooperative Agreements in Baghdad, Iraq that were exclusively dealing with planning Iraqi industrial operations using western styled business plans.

I do struggle with the idea of monetizing LifeGraph solutions with the consumer. I mean, I don't envision governments, corporations and citizens using their paypal account or their payment card to download LifeGraph basic or whatever version of a feature/function set. Maybe that will be a revenue stream someday. As I think about the way I want information accessed and presented to change the way and speed of my insight and investment, I foresee a need for professional services to author X3D scenes for LifeGraph software. Those who trade goods may want or their customers might demand the product in the X3D file format so it can be included in their LifeGraph. And when transactions don't have the X3D file, getting the product implemented in X3D better and faster than anyone else will generate more revenue than the competition. I wonder if I'm thinking the reinvention of accountants and bookkeepers core competencies as I write this. Since I haven't have any serious and open-minded conversations about LifeGraph Solutions with accountants or bookkeepers, I don't really think so.

I will be presenting LifeGraph Solutions to the Distric of Columbia Association of Computing Machinery (DC ACM) the first week of Jun 2009. I've accepted an invitatoin to do so as an impetus to complete a few grant related tasks I opened this post with. I joined the DC ACM recently and attended their Jan 09 program on Internet Forenics. There were 40 people in attendance for the hour-long brief at the AAAS building on New York Ave, NW. I just hope my talk attracts that many members at 7pm on a weekday before the start of summer.

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