05 August 2013

my IRAD proposal slide nine (last) note

Here is my wishful thinking for a ROM cost to do what I proposed. No one mentioned in this has seen these numbers so you can laugh aloud. Labor 2,000 hrs direct Project Manager ($150/hr = $300K) 4,000 hrs Consultants labor (@ $150/hr = $600K) 4,000 hrs Subcontractors labor (@ $150/hr = $600K) MarkLogic for NXD Sizestream for body scanners and Canfield Scientific for skin imagers Web3D Consortium and equivalents for Acoustics and Haptics Materials and Equipment $25K for instrument fees (buy, rent, lease) to generate data from (tissue, fluid, gas, EMR) measurements needed to develop and initialize the Native XML DB (NXD). Sizestream will provide 3D body scanner and Canfield will provide the whole body skin imager prototypes for home use $15K for computing machinery (i.e., laptops, tablets, smart phones, peripherals) $50K for s/w licenses (Mark Logic Server, Ada 2012 complier, Bitmanagement X3D SDK, …) and class libraries. $5K technical publications (journal articles, papers, books, etc.) not freely accessible Travel $15K for 20 person-travel days, 10 round-trips to subcontractors and partners’ locations for meetings and body measurements. Virtual Worlds will used for collaboration and development. Other Direct Costs N/A The slide note follows: Basis of Estimates from Work Breakdown Structure (Earned Value Worksheet) Software Security Engineering Software Reliability Engineering eCommerce Design Computer Programming MarkLogic XML Server: WebServer, Search and Database Management System Instrument Manufacturers Consortia, Institutes, Associations, Councils, Societies, XML Schema | DTD Instrument data and metadata Web3D Consortium Members | International Society of Human Simulation Humanoid Simulation Tissues Hard Soft Fluids Gases Electromagnetic Electrical Fields Magnetic Fields X3D Standards Humanoid Animation 3D Graphics 3D Haptics 3D Acoustics

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