05 August 2013

my IRAD proposal slide two note

Here's my note for slide two of the 9-slide IRAD Proposal for Human Health Graphs No payer, provider or retailer has a data model and concomitant software package for the human being starting from zygote detection through postmortem disposition. The health and medical measurements of human bodies & behaviors with instruments and observations by humans (licensed, registered, certified, …) are segregated and have never been amassed under one document cover or hyperlinked via an age and gender dependent humanoid animation on the WWW. No one knows exactly how many measurements or instruments by type or category exist for the human body & behavior there are for any given date-time group let alone other attributes like costs to own (i.e., store, secure, etc.), operate, calibrate, etc. the instruments (sensors, detectors, etc.). Or the amount of hard or soft tissue, bodily fluid, gas, or electric or magnetic field strength required for a given [in situ or remote] measurement. How long is the measurement for a given accuracy or precision? Health Graphs abolish the centricities of the day in HealtIT, those being: geo-location, payer, treatment, conflict, technology, facility, vehicle, age, activity, employment status, organization, health condition, provider etc. Health Graphs are singularly aimed at the cycle of life and death for the human body and its behavior from single cell fertilization to sealed urn post cremation (or buried body postmortem examination).

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